My heart is breaking tonight. It breaks for this country, for the world. It breaks for people I care deeply about. It breaks for people I don’t even know.

Today a very special woman in my life lost her mother and while that in and of itself is heartbreaking what is even more gut wrenching is knowing she hasn’t been able to hug her in over 3 weeks because of this stupid virus! I can’t even fathom the sadness.

I have struggled for days now and there have been a few things that have gotten me through. Mask making and music. It amazes me how, even though, the following lyrics were written so long ago and were just re-released a few days ago, they hit home so much right now!

So for tonight I leave you with the lyrics of “Sometimes” by Grey Daze

Sometimes, things just seem to fall apart
When you least expect them to
Sometimes you want to pack up and leave behind
All of them and their smiles

I don’t know, what to think anymore
Maybe things will get better
Maybe things will look brighter
Maybe, maybe…

Sometimes, people surprise you
And people surprise me
Well I guess that’s the price we pay
For wanting so badly

I don’t know, what to think anymore
Maybe things will get better
Maybe things will look brighter
Maybe, maybe…

Title Credit:

Sometimes: Grey Daze

Attention Attention

I am looking for people to share their personal stories that fall under the following categories:





Psychotic Disorders

Personality Disorders

Self Harm


Share your story in any way you like. Do you prefer to type it out in classic text form? That’s great! Are you more of a visual person? Wonderful! Create a story board that can be uploaded. A small amount of text would need to be included! I am completely open to all forms of collaboration!

If you are interested please contact me by email at

Answer the following questions and if you are a fit for my blog I will let you know!

1. Name

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3. How did you hear about the opportunity?

4. Why are you interested in being a collaborator on “A Place For My Head?”

5. Are you comfortable sharing your personal information under your name or would you prefer a pen name?

6. What way would you like to share your story? (Classic blog post, visual, other form?)


Alone Together

What day is it? Quarantine day (whatever). There are so many struggling mentally right now and it is no different for me.

I am dealing with mania right now. While I am not bi-polar I do deal with mania from time to time. Being out of work is hard for me. I am trying so hard to keep myself busy and trying to have a purpose in a time where I feel so helpless.

My husband was so encouraging today and helped me rearrange and clean our living space. I always joke with people that I need creative chaos, but I have literally been living in full on chaos.

So here is my advise for those of you that are struggling. Do something for yourself even if it is taking a bath. Clean up the clutter (clutter can make you even more depressed). Take a walk and enjoy your surroundings. I am lucky I live in a rural area and I am surrounded by land. I know everyone doesn’t have that luxury, but do what you can during this crazy time.

Last but certainly not least if you need to talk to someone reach out! You are not alone!