A Friend in Need

As we arrived back at the Women’s and Children’s hospital, specifically the maternity floor, we were now in waiting mode. Thankfully, our assistant pastor arrived shortly after to encourage us and pray with us, as well as my family. Every nurse on the floor knew our situation, so we were placed in the back corner of a quiet hallway where a waiting room across the hall could be invaded by family and friends.

The first thing we did when we were placed in our room was to have another doppler test for a heartbeat. Still, there was nothing; no heartbeat, no movement, no noise except for that scruffy machine. Once everything settled down again and we semi-unpacked to feel more comfortable and for the first time of the evening I looked at my phone.

The overwhelming amount of messages already pouring in for sympathy and encouragement was so amazing I couldn’t help but again break down in tears. I was able to respond back to those texting us, as well as send a few text messages to friends and coworkers that I knew had not heard the news. Folks that had just gotten off work themselves and still offered to turn around and bring snacks and drinks or food to the hospital for whatever my wife and I needed. The love and encouragement we felt already was so amazing, but in our eyes nothing positive or negative had happened yet. God could still pull a miracle off if He chose to do so!

The first night seemed to go on forever because the doctors did not want to induce just yet. It was more of a monitoring evening just to make sure everything would be fine and safe for my wife. I journeyed back and forth from our hospital room to the waiting room that our friends and family were camped out in. We had friends that travelled an hour or more to see us and coworkers that had just gotten off 12 hour shifts that turned around to head back to the hospital. Friends that even in your dark times stick around to help you through it, even if just to cry along with you. Having all of these friends at the hospital I think helped my wife grieve as she had other women who had miscarriages or other ladies she was very close to come in to just cry with her or laugh with her in a way that I could not help.

Soon it was late and all the friends and family had gone home. Now, for me sleep always sounds amazing, but this evening was very different. We were just given the hardest news we had ever received in our life a few hours earlier, and now they had placed us on a floor full of screaming mothers and crying babies. They told us to try and get some rest as the next day was going to be a very hard 24 hours, but at this point neither of us could sleep. We both knew Scripture and had seen plenty of times where God stepped in and made the miraculous happen, so we both prayed all night for some kind of miracle. We both knew that He was still the same God of the Bible and if He wanted to He could easily fix our situation as we in human nature saw it needed fixing. I’m pretty sure we both dozed off at some point for at least a little rest, but the next day had arrived and it was going to hold something neither of us had ever experienced. Find out what that is in our next session entitled A Face of Grace.

2 thoughts on “A Friend in Need”

  1. This is a very moving story, thank you for sharing this. When someone is in pain, others often don’t know what to do and how to help and so they sometimes choose to be distant instead because they feel powerless. And yet your post makes me realize that you don’t have to take their pain away, you don’t have to – and cannot – solve their issues. But just being here, with them, showing them that you care and love them and crying with them is the best we can do and it can make the difference. All the best to you, your wife and your children.

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    1. Thank you Nina!! It really is true though! Sometimes the best thing we can ever do when someone is hurting is just to be there. Not to say a word or do anything or even offer a solution, but just simply sit there by their side and listen or weep along with them. It’s powerful! Trust me 😊

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