You and Me

My mind has really been focused on this blog for the last few days, so hopefully I can get everything I need to say out in the best way.
Mental illness affects individuals, but we also have to remember it affects their significant others too.
Years ago when I was dating my husband he didn’t really get my issues. It wasn’t until my mental break in 2017 that he really understood what was going on.
One thing I encourage people struggling with mental illness is to be completely open with your significant other. One thing that Jeremy and I agreed on when I made my life change was if he ever noticed I was acting “off” that I wouldn’t get my feelings hurt if he asked if I was taking my medication properly. This is something VERY important in our relationship and here we are 3 years later and he has had to ask a few times and I have kept my promise to be 100% honest with him.
Do you have a significant other that is dealing with mental illness? Communicate with them. Ask them how they are doing. Learn their triggers. Encourage them. A little goes a long way. 
Dealing with mental illness and have a significant other? Communicate with them! Make sure they understand what you are going through. Tell them when you are struggling. If they don’t understand, try your best to help them understand. Take them with you to see your doctor so they can help them understand. 
Our significant others should be our safe place. If you are married, they should be the one person you should be able to fall back on. 
The one thing I want to leave you with is communicate, communicate, communicate! I learned a long time ago that the more I held in the harder it was on my marriage.
Title Credit:
You and Me: Dave Matthews Band

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